This poster summarises the specification of the .375 YETI as I decided to call it.  It revolves around driving a Sears-Haack body for research purposes. The cartridge case is based on a .50BMG with the body taper minimised, shoulder extremely angled and necked down to .375. Using the density of the specific brass it would be made of, I calculated the mass as 588gr. With the help of some software, it was determined that it should be able to launch the bullet at 2600fps while staying under 60 000psi. If that will work out in practice I don’t know and probably never will but it was a good exercise.

Poster for WP

The Steyr HS .50 will be used because it does not feed from a magazine, hence the sharp angle on the cartridge will not be a problem. Check out to see the Steyr in action