During my research for my drawing of the 375CT I found there is a myriad of 375 calibres out there. It seems that everyone and his dog has a plan to make a 375 bullet go faster. The one that shows the most promise at this stage is the 375 Lethal Magnum, but as far as I know the CheyTac still holds the record.

This made me, like so many times in the past, want to think up my own calibre. However, it seems that most everything has been done. From the utterly ridiculous to the very sensible. So I turned to bullet shape and a launching platform there for. The shape of Very Low Drag bullets is well known but can it be made better?

According to Wikipedia “The Sears–Haack body is the shape with the lowest theoretical wave drag in supersonic flow, for a given body length and given volume.” So let’s try to turn this into a bullet and find a calibre to launch it from.

Here is the concept sketch:


To be continued…